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Buy/Send Lumba Rakhi to your Bhabhi and Rekindle your love with your Bhabi!

The festival Raksha Bandhan emphasizes the bond of care and love between a brother and a sister. Along it also brings the family together. It not only nurtures the relationship between a brother and Sister but also with your brother's wife.

So, other than tying a sacred thread in your brother's wrist, sisters should also tie Rakhi around their Sister in law wrist. This Rakhi is called a Lumba Rakhi. It is a unique kind of Rakhi and is very beautiful, crafted in the shape of a cone and with shinning adornment. 

It is a hang-on Rakhi that has gone through a considerable alteration and presents a combination of chic and stylish looks along with the ongoing likings of all. You will get a vast number of varieties while choosing Lumba Rakhi for your Sister in law. has a Remarkable collection of Lumba Rakhi to send it to your dearest bhabhi

In an online Rakhi store, you will get various ranges of Rakhi for your Sister in law. Panchaglee is a beautiful Lumba Rakhi consisting of a baju band, a stylish bangle, a small and a big Rakhi. It also includes old-style hathphool Rakhi.

The most crucial aspect that makes Lumba Rakhi popular is its stunning decoration along with elegant intricacy. It looks gorgeous because of the zari work, handicraft drone, along sequin work. There are small tickets, shinning crystals, and many more things placed on them for which it is worth putting on for an extended period of time.

To make the Lumba Rakhi even more interesting, you can also choose combos of Lumba Rakhi with chocolates and sweets. There are many striking Rakhi combos for brothers and Sister in law offered by online Rakhi stores.

What is Lumba Rakhi? Where does the tradition of tying a lumba rakhi originated?

The Rakhi that a sister ties around her sister-in-law's wrist is called a Lumba Rakhi. In Marwari, Lumba is called Bangle. This tradition of Lumba Rakhi has started in Marwari culture. It was a very ancient tradition that has now become a recent trend.

How should you tie a Lumba Rakhi?

Lumba Rakhi is tied to the Bangle of Sister in law. It hangs from the Bangle like that of a pendant which creates a dint of kalire worn mainly by the brides of Punjabi. In other words, lumba Rakhi is called bhabi Rakhi.

By tying the Rakhi on Bhabhi's wrist, a sister celebrates her Sister-in-law's relation with her brother and her family.

What is the Socio-cultural importance of tying a Lumba Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan mainly signifies safety and protection. A lumbar Rakhi in the hand of Sister in law reflects the essence. It also emphasizes the significant aspects of a marital life that is sharing and caring. The moment the Sister ties a beautiful Rakhi on her brother's wrist, there is an exclusive interchange of well-being, safety, and protection in between them.

Similar vows are also shared with Sister in law, thereby emphasizing that she is an equal partner in the relationship between a brother and Sister. She also shares both the responsibilities as well as the rights of this beautiful bond.

It also emphasizes the sister's hope to support her bhabi.  Lumba Rakhi is also measured as a symbol of protection and lasting nuptial bliss to brother and sister-in-law.

What spiritual significance a Lumba Rakhi holds?

Lumba Rakhi also signifies divine feminine. In a world of vicious masculinity and harmful patriarchy, such traditions bring faith and positivity to everyone's life. One of the exciting things about Lumba Rakhi is it does not eliminate masculinity but embraces it. It also offers space to all types of women, irrespective of age.

Send you bhabi a beautiful Lumba Rakhi this Raksha Bandhan. It would surely bring you enormous joy as well as happiness in the lives of your Sister in law and brother.

Whats in store of for Lumba rakhi?

Lumba Rakhi being the Rakhi of ladies, has the feel of female attributes such as daintiness, warmth, and colorfulness.  They are available in several colors, attractive designs as well as sizes. Mostly, they are made up of danglers, sequins, and some mirror works, along with some sophisticated embroidery work and exclusive shades of blue, green, and red. When compared with other rakhis, these rakhis are slender, sensual as well as delicate.

Because of such design, Lumba Rakhi easily suits any of your outfits. You can flaunt it with your saree, skirts, or even Salwar Kameez. But as they have bright colors and are vibrant, they go well with all kinds of traditional attires.

Here are few Lumba Rakhi designs:

  1. Designer Lumba Rakhi: It is one of the latest designs of Lumba Rakhi trending in the market. It presents an amalgamation of a contemporary look with traditional significance.

  2. Zari Lumba Rakhi: Charming zari work in the Lumba Rakhi gives a unique and royal appearance to the Rakhi.

  3. Jewellery Lumba Rakhi: For your gorgeous Sister in law who loves wearing jewelry, this Rakhi is one of the best options. It looks stunning as well as unique.

  4. Zardosi Lumba Rakhi: The fantastic and highly commendable work of zardozi is always attractive as well as eye-catching. Select a gorgeous Zardosi Lumba Rakhi designed with some of the beautiful details as well as embellishments to surprise your Sister in law.

  5. Panchaglee Lumba Rakhi: this special Lumba Rakhi consists of a small Rakhi, a big Rakhi, bangles, baju band. If you present a panchaglee Rakhi to a new bride, it is considered very much auspicious, and it blesses your brother and his wife to have a happy life.

  6. Stone Lumba Rakhi: A lumbar rakhi which is studded with some beautiful and colorful stones. Your Sister in law will surely love this Rakhi.

  7. So, with so many different types of Lumba Rakhi available, you can make a wise choice and surprise your bhabhi. Along with the Lumba Rakhi, you can add some of the exclusive gifts for both your brother and Sister.


Q) What is the significance of tying a rakhi to sister-in-law?

  1. Raksha bandhan in terms signifies bond of protection. Tying a rakhi or scared thread to bhabhi is a custom where it signifies that she is responsible for the well-being of the brother and so she should also remain well so that she can take of her and her husband. This is why Rakhi is also tied to Bhabhi as a tradition.

Q) What is Lumba Rakhi? Where does the word come from?

  1. Lumba means “bangle” in Rajasthan. During Raksha Bandhan the marwari families in Rajasthan tie a Lumba Rakhi on a sister-in-law’s bangle. A lumba Rakhi tied to receive protection for the whole family and also to secure her marriage.

Q) What are the different types of Lumba Rakhi does offer?

  1. You can find a wide range of Lumba Rakhi at For Instance, you can get Panchaglee Lumba Rakhi, stone or Kundan Lumba Rakhi, Zardosi, Zari, and Designer Lumba Rakhi. 

Q) What is the price range of lumba Rakhi’s?

  1. has the widest range of Lumba rakhi’s available at a price range of 250-1500 Rs. You can also send some hamper along with the Rakhi and other products like Thali, dry fruits, chocolates, sweets and also personalized gift like coffee mug, cushion, watch, wallet, pendant set and many other.

Q) What kind of Lumba rakhi should I buy for my sister-in law?

  1. Well, you may find a number of designs that suit your bhabhi’s need. You can select a dropping lumba rakhi that looks like kaleere and which can be easily tied on to your bhabhi’s bangle.